Places to Find the Best Deals on Small Businesses for Sale

There are different ways to start a business: some people create it from scratch, and some buy an established company. The second option has advantages; for example, your brand and operation already have some recognition. However, the purchase process may cause difficulties because there is a question of where to look for a business for sale? There are plenty of such places; it all depends on your selection criteria: price, location, industry. In this article, you’ll learn where to find the best deals on small businesses for sale.

Business Brokers

A business broker steps in as an intermediary between you and the company that is up for sale. They oversee and help facilitate the entire buying process. Brokers specialize in specific business sectors, so you need to find an expert who works in the area whose business you want to buy and call them directly for all the details.

Other Small Business Owners

If you know someone who owns a small business, you can contact them to spread the word among their circle about your interest in buying the company. You may even have someone you know who wants to sell their business. Attend networking events to discover new opportunities; it will also be effective if you join your local chamber of commerce or become a member of an online business group.

Advertise online and in local media

Advertising in local newspapers, bulletin boards, social media, and online classifieds platforms is also great for finding a list of local businesses. But, of course, this works in reverse as well, business owners who want to sell their business can post ads about it in all of the above sources, so monitoring local media and online bulletin boards can pay dividends too.

Best Sites to Find a Business for Sale

Another place where you’re sure to find great deals on buying businesses is particular sites designed to do just that. Below we’ll highlight a list of the best places to find a business for sale:

  • BizBuySell

BizBuySell is the largest and most popular business buying and selling platform. There you can find not only exclusive offers to buy but also the services of intermediaries. In addition, the site offers various price ranges, categories, and industries.


At, you can find about 60,000 business-for-sale offers. The site has flexible search options to specify your desired state and city and find suggestions from various industries, from gas stations and coffee shops to pet hair salons. In addition, you can even see the potential income from such a business. You can even shop for companies internationally through this site.

  • is a site that acts as an information center and a place to find businesses for sale. It lets you communicate with merchants, find suppliers and brokerage links, and find financing options. Search for franchises by desired industry, geographic location, and the amount you’re willing to give when you buy.


At, you can also find listings for businesses for sale and brokerage services. The site offers a comfortable operating environment, offering specific options for franchises, assets, startups, and real estate. Once your search is complete, you can see your search history and save the options that interest you the most. Then, easily connect with a potential seller by filling out a simple form.